Wisdom Tooth Pain: When should I visit an oral surgeon?

A toothache is always cause for concern for a patient. Not only is the situation uncomfortable, but it can also indicate an oral health problem. This is especially true when the pain is in the vicinity of the wisdom teeth. An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain as it continues to attempt to erupt through […]

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Why is it important to have impacted wisdom teeth diagnosed and treated?

An impacted wisdom tooth has the potential to have serious problematic consequences for your oral health, but patients may not realize that the tooth is impacted until problems have already developed. When an oral surgeon diagnoses impacted wisdom teeth and treats the condition, the patient can avoid troublesome issues like discomfort, decay, infection and abscess, […]

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Is my tooth pain from an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth abscess?

Pain at the rear of the jaw may indicate a number of problems. This symptom can develop when an impacted wisdom tooth continues to try to erupt into the jaw. If there is not enough room for the large wisdom tooth, it may cause the other teeth to shift as it tries to emerge. This […]

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Can bacteria from my wisdom teeth affect my overall health?

You may have heard the phrase “a healthy mouth is the gateway to a healthy body,” and the wisdom teeth certainly support that idea. When patients have issues with their wisdom teeth, they can have ripple effects throughout the body. An impacted wisdom tooth is prone to collecting bacteria due to its location at the […]

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Possible Consequences of Sensory Nerve Injury: Paresthesia

If there was ever a good time to have your impacted wisdom tooth extracted, it’s now. The advancements in modern dentistry and oral surgery have been remarkable, and that makes the procedure for having the wisdom teeth removed simpler and more predictable than ever. Prior to your surgery, your oral surgeon will make every possible […]

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What is a soft tissue impacted tooth?

You may be familiar with the concept of an impacted tooth, which occurs when a tooth fails to fully erupt through the gums. Teeth can become impacted in different ways, however, and are categorized differently. If a tooth remains fully embedded in the bone, it is referred to as a complete bony impaction. When the […]

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