My wisdom teeth aren’t bothering me. Why should I have them removed?

Some patients think that they don’t need to have their wisdom teeth removed if they’re not experiencing any problematic symptoms like discomfort or bleeding. Understandably, it can be difficult for a patient to consider a surgical procedure for an issue that is not yet outwardly bothersome (even though insidious issues are developing). A similar analogy […]

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How can I avoid dry socket after wisdom tooth removal?

Having a wisdom tooth removed can be an unnerving experience. The procedure is performed almost routinely during the late teens and early twenties with predictable results. Still, the wisdom teeth have gained a reputation for being complicated and painful, based on some bad experiences elsewhere, a thought that makes some dental patients understandably apprehensive. To […]

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What are some potential complications associated with the removal of wisdom teeth?

Patients gain a number of benefits when they have their wisdom teeth removed, including reduced risk of infection and abscesses and a lower likelihood of misaligned teeth. To take advantage of those benefits, and avoid some serious problems, a large number of patients decide to have their wisdom teeth extracted each year.  Before doing so, […]

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How is a wisdom tooth removed?

There may be no better time than now to have a wisdom tooth removed. With the notable advances in modern dentistry and oral surgery, wisdom tooth removal can be a straightforward outpatient procedure with extremely predictable results. Patients who may be considering wisdom tooth removal in Chicago IL should schedule a consultation with Dr. Steven […]

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