Top Ten Important Reasons To Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Safe, comfortable wisdom teeth removal from Chicago oral surgeons Dr. Steven Koos and Dr. Jason Schrotenboer offers a variety of advantages. You’ll experience eco-friendly dentistry® performed in a one-of-a-kind facility by a world-class surgeon and team. ORA®’s proactive approach to wisdom tooth removal sustains your smile and our planet.

Here, Dr. Koos and Dr. Schrotenboer convey ten crucial reasons to remove your wisdom teeth. Click on a link to learn more.

10.Minimize your Risk of Oral Infection and Inflammation: Eliminate Discomfort Before it Starts

9. Lessen the Occurrence of Pre-term Birth and Low Fetal Birth Weight: Keep You and Your Baby Safe

8. Improve your Oral Health and Function: Maintain Your Smile and Your Quality of Life

7. Eliminate Dangerous Impaction: No Pain, Lots of Gain

6. Stop Oral Health Problems Before They Start: Keep Smiling for a Lifetime

5. Reduce the Threat of Gum Disease: Stop this Dangerous Bacterial Infection

4. Preserve Your Bite Alignment and the Ideal Positioning of Your Teeth: Preserve Your Investment in Orthodontic Treatment

3. Optimize Whole-Body Health: Prevent Bad Oral Bacteria from Impacting Overall Wellbeing

2. Improve Oral Comfort: Your Jaw Simply Can’t Accommodate Wisdom Teeth

1. Experience Peace of Mind: Healthy Smile, Healthy Body

Experience dentistry that is good for you and our planet.
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