State-of-the-art 3D Imaging Technology – Improving Your Standard
of Care

This advanced technology offers complete views of all oral structures, previously unobtainable with older 2D plain film technology. This allows Dr. Steven Koos, a Chicago wisdom tooth expert and owner of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, as well as his staff, to dramatically enhance the level of care offered to patients.

Advanced Xray Wisdom Teeth Impaction
The i-CAT 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner provides dental surgeons with an immediate three dimensional image of a patient’s critical anatomy without the typical distortion and magnification seen with traditional plain film images.This gives the Chicago dental surgeons at ORA the opportunity to more thoroughly analyze a patient’s tooth orientation, bone structure, wisdom teeth, TMJ joint spaces, maxillary sinuses, sensory nerves, and all other additional structures related to the safe removal of wisdom teeth.

Chicago CT Imaging Wisdom TeethRegular small dental “full mouth series” x-rays are limiting and, although enough for dentists to use for fillings, are completely inadequate for surgical treatment planning. The older “Panorex” or “Panoramic view” x-rays are often inadequate as well. Panoramic views used to be all that was available to oral surgeons for treatment planning cases, and are still unfortunately predominately used. Advanced imaging at ORA eliminates the guesswork that is present with the older two-dimensional plain or digital films and makes it easier to evaluate irregularities and pathology, and the 3D mapping tools are crucial for nerve analysis.

3D Impacted Wisdom Teeth ImageIn addition to the enhanced images provided by the i-CAT CT scanner, the technology and equipment increases patient comfort by providing open environment seating, nothing to insert into the mouth and a quicker scan time (as little as nine seconds!).