wisdom teeth chicagoThe recommendation to have the wisdom teeth removed is highly individualized and also highly under-diagnosed, which results in a detriment to the patient. Although there is no steadfast rule dictating the removal of wisdom teeth for every patient, chances are high that most adults will need them removed eventually. In fact, decades of statistics show that upwards of 85% of wisdom teeth develop issues and require extraction.

This third set of molars can present a number of dental and health problems, prompting your dentist to recommend extraction by this dual degree oral surgeon. Often, these teeth can be tough to access in terms of proper brushing and flossing, resulting in cavities, gum disease, and pain. In other instances, the jaw bone may not be large enough to accommodate the last set of molars. The consequences of this lack of space can include impacted teeth, poorly positioned teeth, and damage to the neighboring teeth.

If you are considering the fate of your wisdom teeth in Chicago, you may be wondering how long you have to make the final decision. Understandably, most patients would choose to wait as long as possible, as long as the teeth are not causing unbearable pain. The risk with this choice, however, is that irreversible damage can occur by the time pain becomes a factor.

Rather than wait for the ‘red flag’ of pain, your general dentist should be advising you to be proactive in your choice. The recommended time to have this Chicago oral surgeon remove your wisdom teeth is:

  • Soon after the wisdom teeth develop, and better before they are fully developed
  • During the young, healthy years (ages 17-24)
  • Before the onset of pain or damage

Wisdom teeth can be extracted at any age, but most patients between the ages of 17 and 24 can expect the speediest and most favorable recovery. As patients progress into the late 30’s, 40’s and beyond, the recovery period following surgery can become increasingly difficult. It is also recommended to consider tooth extraction during the late teen or young adult years when the bone is less dense and the tooth roots have less anatomy.

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