Wisdom teeth pain during pregnancy: What should I do?

A patient may experience wisdom tooth pain at any time, and that can present a significant problem for pregnant women. In many patients, wisdom tooth pain may be resolved by surgically removing impacted wisdom teeth but expectant mothers may not have that option depending on the stage of their pregnancy. Pregnant women can receive most […]

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Why Severe Life-Threatening Infection can Cause Delay in Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth pain often indicates an infection, and that can create problems if a patient needs an immediate extraction. However, only if severe life-threatening infection is present, it may be necessary to delay wisdom tooth removal until the systemic infection and any airway compromise is treated. When undergoing any surgery, including wisdom teeth extraction, the […]

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Wisdom Teeth Pain: It’s not your average toothache

A toothache is never fun, but the pain and discomfort associated with a wisdom tooth can be far more complicated than mere sensitivity. Whenever abnormalities involving the wisdom teeth can be identified, the teeth should be removed before pain or discomfort becomes a problem. Waiting until the painful symptoms become unbearable can sometimes pose an […]

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