When you have been stricken with a painful toothache, it’s easy to become singularly focused on making the pain stop. For a short while, pain relievers, antibiotics, and even patience can be helpful. However, when you camouflage the pain, you may actually be doing yourself a disservice.

Your toothache, whether it is in response to a sweet treat or a cold beverage, could actually be a sign of something more serious. Not seeking treatment soon enough is a common mistake that often enables a small problem to become magnified.

The wisdom teeth are notorious for eliciting random and unpredictable toothache-type discomfort. The discomfort can be pulsing, throbbing, shooting, or aching, and it can extend from the ear down through the jaw. It can sometimes refer pain to a neighboring tooth, and sometimes it’s tough to tell if the pain is coming from the top teeth or the bottom teeth. Often times, patients report that “everything hurts” and just opening and closing the mouth or chewing food becomes a challenge.

To find out if your dental pain is a passing problem or a serious condition, it’s best to consult an expert. Without x-ray images and a clinical examination, you will be unable to pinpoint the root of the problem. For instance, a problematic wisdom tooth could involve an abscess, a cavity, a cyst, adjacent tooth damage, inflammation in the gums, and even chronic cheek-biting.

One or all of these issues can lead to infections that are likely to throw your immune system into a tail-spin. Ignoring the problem or treating the symptoms with short-term solutions and home remedies will only threaten your general health and make the future extraction of these teeth more complicated.

Problems with the wisdom teeth are not self-correcting, but your oral surgeon can offer a definitive solution that will make you comfortable again in no time. If you suspect that your toothache is signaling a deeper problem, don’t hesitate to contact the wisdom tooth experts at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio today to schedule a complete examination.