wisdom teeth ChicagoProper planning and preparation prior to embarking on your orthodontic journey can certainly improve your chances for a successful final result. If you are considering Invisalign or traditional braces, it may be necessary to have your wisdom teeth removed.

Planning for the removal of your wisdom teeth in Chicago should begin with a consultation with our dual-degree oral surgeon. A thorough evaluation of the wisdom teeth is necessary to determine whether the teeth should be removed.  In most instances with orthodontic considerations they will have to be removed so be aware to include this into your full treatment plan.

Wisdom teeth that are contributing to crowding or shifting of the neighboring teeth are typically required to be extracted. Most orthodontic procedures are based on the ability to move the teeth into the proper position through the use of gentle, strategic forces. When the wisdom teeth inflict additional forces on the teeth, the results can be unpredictable and also relapse after treatment is complete is more likely.

Wisdom teeth that are impacted or unerupted can lead to inflammation and irritation to the surrounding gum tissue. Localized infection can develop when bacteria are allowed to travel below the gumline around an impacted wisdom tooth. This potential for active infection can produce a number of adverse effects during and after the orthodontic process if untreated. Identifying and eliminating the risk for infection and inflammation prior to beginning orthodontic treatment can often protect your health and prevent future dental complications.

Today’s orthodontic procedures are often customized and fabricated to fit the shape and position of your teeth. Wisdom teeth that are continuing to shift or wisdom teeth that are out of position can prevent your orthodontic appliances from fitting properly. This is especially true for the Invisalign procedure, in which the custom molded aligners must be able to be completely seated on the teeth without interference from the wisdom teeth.

During orthodontic treatment, oral hygiene should be a top priority. For many patients, the wisdom teeth can present a challenge in terms of plaque control during brushing and flossing. Simply extracting the wisdom teeth can improve your access to these hard to reach areas.

Before beginning the active phase of your orthodontic treatment, you should schedule your oral surgery consultation in our Chicago IL office to have your wisdom teeth evaluated?