Stem cells are unique in the body, as they can be manipulated to develop into any type or category of cell. When patients have access to their own stem cells, those cells can potentially be used in the future to treat various types of disease. Ongoing advances in scientific research are increasing the possibilities for using stem cells to treat different conditions.

Fortunately, patients have access to a relatively easy method for capturing their stem cells. When teeth are removed in an oral surgery procedure, their pulp often provide a rich source of stem cells. Those cells can be removed from the teeth and specially stored in a system called StemSave so that patients can access them at a later time if a need develops.

In particular, the large wisdom teeth contain a significant number of stem cells. Other teeth that may serve as a plentiful source of stem cells include baby teeth or teeth that are removed for orthodontic treatment. 

When teeth are removed in an oral surgery procedure, their pulp often provide a rich source of stem cells.

The process of harvesting and storing the stem cells requires no additional effort or time on the patient’s part. After the oral surgeon removes the tooth, the surgeon will place those cells in the StemSave storage receptacle and send them to be extracted, processed and then stored for life as long as the patient is in compliance with the contract’s requirements, including keeping his or her account current.

If a parent wishes to preserve stem cells from a child’s baby tooth, the parent would need to proactively make arrangements to remove the baby tooth in enough time to utilize viable stem cells.

When patients choose to have their dental stem cells harvested, they gain additional benefits beyond merely protecting themselves against future diseases. Because the stem cells came from the patient’s own body, the risk of rejection is much, much lower than it would be with cells from an external source.

Your stem cells can be tremendously valuable, and StemSave offers a safe, affordable method for preserving those stem cells for future use. If you are planning for a surgical tooth extraction, discuss this possibility with your oral surgeon.

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