oral surgery ChicagoHaving an impacted wisdom tooth extracted is a procedure that has become more comfortable and more predictable thanks to the many exciting advances in dental surgery technology in recent decades. Still, the procedure shouldn’t be entered into lightly, because it is truly a surgical procedure, like surgery with any other part of the body.

Although we make every effort to create a soothing and comfortable dental experience, we realize that oral surgery is a serious medical procedure that requires experience, precision, and attention to detail only available from oral and maxillofacial surgeons.

Patients who plan to undergo oral surgery in our Chicago Illinois office should schedule an initial consultation with one of our dual-degree oral surgeons in order to gain a full understanding as to what the procedure involves. With a complete explanation regarding the details of your wisdom teeth extraction, you’ll be provided with an estimate for the costs associated with the procedure.

For each patient, the procedure is fully customized according to many important factors. Your health, comfort and safety are the most important priorities; therefore, you will be presented with the treatment recommendations that are most ideal for you. 

For your comfort, a full range of anesthetics and sedatives are available.

The status of each wisdom tooth will be considered individually. The extraction can range from simple to surgical, depending upon the position of each tooth. Wisdom teeth can be fully erupted, impacted within the soft tissue (gums), or completely surrounded by bone; each scenario requiring varying levels of expertise and corresponding fees.

For your comfort, a full range of anesthetics and sedatives are available. The fees for deep sedation dentistry can vary, according to the time involved for the surgery, which is dictated by the level of difficulty for each individual’s case.  Typically forty-five minutes to an hour of general anesthesia is required for the removal of four impacted teeth.

Dental insurance can be applied to the oral surgery estimate, and may provide a helpful discount for the services that are recommended. Each insurance plan is different, and the limitations for each plan will influence your out-of-pocket expenses. Once you have received your treatment estimate, you may want to refer to your insurance benefits booklet for a more detailed explanation of your allowances.  When insurance is involved there can be a huge range of co-pay requirements and yearly maximums, as every insurance plan is different, even within the same company.  Our patient care coordinators will do their very best to make the claims process as trouble-free as possible for you.

Although our field of expertise is surgical in nature, we understand the challenges of budgeting for healthcare, both for patients with insurance and for those without coverage. We can provide information for third-party, no interest financing, and we are always available to answer your financial questions to the best of our ability.

We look forward to providing you with the oral surgery that is best for your health, and we invite you to contact ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio today to schedule your appointment.