oral surgery ChicagoAt the time of your wisdom teeth evaluation, your Downtown Chicago oral and maxillofacial surgeon will carefully explain the procedures that will be required to perform your treatment. A detailed treatment plan will be developed, including a list of each dental code and the corresponding fees.  Your treatment plan will reflect an estimate of your insurance contributions as well as your patient co-pay amounts. This information will clearly outline your out-of-pocket responsibilities for your wisdom tooth removal.

The specific details of your treatment plan will depend heavily upon the procedures that are required to complete your treatment. In planning your oral surgery, your surgeon will need to determine if your wisdom teeth extraction will be simple or surgical. Are the wisdom teeth impacted beneath the bone or the gums? Are the wisdom teeth infected or abscessed? Will sedation be necessary?

As you consider your dental treatment plan, remember that your level of coverage and the amount of your co-pay will be unique based on your particular insurance plan.  Generally, you will find that PPO plans include oral surgery benefits and often include a generous allowance towards the extraction of the wisdom teeth.

To aid in the development of your treatment plan, nationally recognized codes will be utilized:

ADA(American Dental Association) CDT (Current Dental Terminology) codes and average PPO dental insurance oral surgery procedure fees:

  • 7210 Surgical Extraction – $215
  • 7220 Soft Tissue Impaction – $268
  • 7230 Partial Bony Impaction – $353
  • 7240 Complete Bony Impaction – $416
  • 7241 Complete Bony Impaction With Complicating Factors – $465
  • 9220 Deep Sedation first 30 minutes – $341
  • 9221 Deep Sedation subsequent 15 minute increments – $117
  • 9241 Conscious Sedation first 30 minutes – $317
  • 9242 Conscious Sedation subsequent 15 minute increments – $129
  • 9610 Parenteral Administration of Therapeutic Medication – $42
  • 9910 Administration/Application of Desensitizing Agent – $30

Some examples of dental insurance PPO plans include:

  • AetnaPPO
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO
  • Cigna PPO
  • Delta Dental PPO
  • Dental HealthAlliance(DHA) PPO
  • First Commonwealth PPO
  • Humana PPO
  • Preferred Plan PPO

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