Chicago oral surgeonPart 3: DMO/HMO Dental Insurance Fees

Your dental insurance plan can significantly offset the cost of your wisdom teeth extraction when you visit your Chicago oral surgeon. Though the entire procedure is not covered, your insurance benefits can be maximized when you select a dental surgeon like Dr. Steven Koos, who accepts your particular insurance plan.

Compared to some other insurance plans, DMO/HMO plans generally have more exclusions, and more limitations, on oral surgery coverage.  One important distinction is that HMO/DMO medical and dental plans require that any patient that wants to see a specialist requires a written referral from their general dentist or physician first.  There may also be higher co-pay amounts with surgical specialty extractions for impacted teeth. With the help of the office’s financial coordinator, you can receive an estimate for your care prior to beginning treatment and after your consultation.  This pre-planning can help you to understand the initial cost of your care, the portion that should be covered by your insurance plan, and the portion that you will be expected to pay.

Some examples of the major DMO/HMO insurance plans includes:


Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO & DMO/HMO


Humana Comp Benefits

Delta Dental PPO & DMO/HMO

FirstCommonwealthPPO & DMO/HMO


To compile your treatment plan and provide you with the most accurate estimate of the total cost of your care, your oral surgeon will utilize the most current national CDT (current dental terminology) codes. This list of procedure codes is recognized by your insurance company to describe the procedures that your oral surgeon plans to provide for you. According to your plan’s limitations and guidelines, these codes will help to generate your final treatment estimate.  Keep in mind these fees are generalized from several different HMO/DMO insurance plans and increase every year and are also dependent on the zip code that the treatment is being perfomed.

ADA(American Dental Association) CDT (Current Dental Terminology) codes and average DMO/HMO dental surgery procedure fees:

  • 7210 Surgical Extraction – $165
  • 7220 Soft Tissue Impaction – $200
  • 7230 Partial Bony Impaction – $285
  • 7240 Complete Bony Impaction – $340
  • 7241 Complete Bony Impaction With Complicating Factors – $420
  • 9220 Deep Sedation first 30 minutes – $270
  • 9221 Deep Sedation subsequent 15 minute increments – $135
  • 9241 Conscious Sedation first 30 minutes – $195
  • 9242 Conscious Sedation subsequent 15 minute increments – $95
  • 9610 Parenteral Administration of Therapeutic Medication – $35
  • 9910 Administration/Application of Desensitizing Agent – $30

If understanding the details of your DMO/HMO plan can be confusing for you, trust the professionals at our Chicago dental surgery office to assist you throughout the process. Why not call ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio inIllinois to schedule your personalized consultation today?