wisdom tooth ChicagoAn impacted wisdom tooth has the potential to have serious problematic consequences for your oral health, but patients may not realize that the tooth is impacted until problems have already developed. When an oral surgeon diagnoses impacted wisdom teeth and treats the condition, the patient can avoid troublesome issues like discomfort, decay, infection and abscess, among other concerns.

Most patients’ jaws are too small to accommodate the large wisdom teeth, which in turn are unable to erupt properly. Because they are at the rear of the jaw and it is difficult, if not impossible to keep them clean, these teeth collect bacteria that can cause decay and infection. Wisdom teeth are also particularly susceptible to developing abscesses, cysts and tumors. 

Although the teeth become impacted, that doesn’t stop them from trying to emerge.

Although the teeth become impacted, that doesn’t stop them from trying to emerge. As they attempt to erupt, they can shift other teeth out of alignment, potentially undoing years of orthodontic treatment. That process can also cause discomfort for the patient.

By using advanced medical radiography, an oral surgeon can determine whether a wisdom tooth is impacted as early as mid- to late-adolescence. It’s also important to note that it’s easier to remove the wisdom teeth in patients in their late teens or early 20s because the roots are shorter and the attachment between the root and bone is weaker in younger patients.

Additionally, younger patients tend to recuperate from the wisdom tooth extraction procedure more quickly than do their older counterparts. This is another motivating factor to get an early diagnosis and treatment for impacted wisdom teeth.

Although some patients may have wisdom teeth that come in properly, most people end up with impacted or malerupted wisdom teeth, which can cause problems for the patient. If you are in your late teens or early twenties and have not undergone wisdom tooth extraction, you should consider an evaluation to determine whether the wisdom teeth are impacted and if removing them is recommended.

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