wisdom tooth removal Chicago Few patients look forward to the day that their wisdom teeth are removed. Although wisdom teeth removal is often necessary to protect your dental and physical health, many patients find themselves anxious and apprehensive prior to the procedure.

The procedure to remove the wisdom teeth is most often surgical, and this oral surgeon can appreciate patients who are understandably nervous or anxious. Although your oral surgeon has taken steps to make your appointment as relaxing and comfortable as possible, patients who are seeking wisdom teeth removal in Chicago will need sedation dentistry for added comfort.  There are two types of sedation dentistry utilized for the removal of wisdom teeth and the surgical extraction of teeth.  Either conscious sedation, otherwise known as moderate sedation, or deep sedation will be necessary.

Many patients find themselves worrying unnecessarily about waking up during the sedation procedure, which does not occur, and also being in pain after they awaken. Local anesthetics will be used to numb the gums, bone, and teeth prior to removing the wisdom teeth. Since the surgical area is also completely anesthetized, patients are unable to feel any sensation of pain upon awakening.  Patients are very surprised that the procedure went so quickly and smoothly and that it is even over.

A discussion about your concerns and a review of your medical history will assist your oral surgeon in determining the level of sedation, moderate or deep, that is safest for you. By working together, you can receive the care that you need with the safety and comfort that you deserve.

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