Many times, significant damage has occurred before a patient experiences pain and becomes aware that a problem exists with one or more impacted or erupted wisdom teeth. At this stage, treatment can be more difficult and time-consuming to implement and a patient can also have a more difficult recovery. Many decades of medical and dental research has demonstrated how harmful keeping your wisdom teeth can be to both your dental health and your overall systemic health as well. As proponents of conservative dentistry, Dr. Koos believes in proactively assessing wisdom tooth development and safely preventing problems before they start.

Advanced technology, including i-CAT 3D imaging, enables Dr. Koos to determine precise wisdom tooth development and location and treatment plan the most accurate surgery available. He can assess whether a wisdom tooth is impacted and trace the potential path of eruption. In Dr. Koos’ vast experience, he has determined that removal of wisdom teeth is often the most beneficial option to ensure long-term oral health and comfort.

Sedation Dentistry for Safe, Comfortable Wisdom Teeth Removal

If removal is recommended for your wisdom teeth, Chicago oral surgeons and sedation dentist Dr. Steven Koos will prepare you for your oral surgery by explaining the details of your treatment, answering all of your questions, and working with you to ensure that you approach your upcoming procedure with confidence. Sedation dentistry is proven effective to alleviate anxiety and eliminate discomfort for a safe, soothing experience. Dr. Koos will perform your oral surgery with adherence to evidence-based stringent standards that result in clinical excellence and reliable outcomes.