wisdom tooth ChicagoThe initial 24 hours after your wisdom teeth are removed should be an emotional relief.  If you, like most patients, are nervous or apprehensive about the procedure, you should be able to relax.  It’s all behind you. Fortunately, these teeth will never grow back!

When you elect to have our skilled oral surgeons remove your wisdom tooth in Chicago, you can be assured that the doctor and staff will hold your hand every step of the way.  Our team wants to make sure that you are informed and comfortable, two details that will make the next 24 hours much more relaxing.

It is recommended that you plan to rest for at least a day or two following your procedure. Strenuous activities should be postponed for about 72 hours, when the extractions sites have begun to heal.  You should also plan ahead and have a selection of soft, mild foods on hand so that you may eat comfortably and maintain your energy. Drinking out of straws, excessive or forceful spitting, and smoking should be avoided for the first 4-7 days, as these activities are known to disturb the healing process.

Following the removal of your wisdom teeth, our oral surgeons will send you home with a prescription for a narcotic pain medication like Tylenol#3, Vicodin, or Percocet and will also send you with prescription strength Ibuprofen 800mg.  If necessary, you will be able to use these together for the most comprehensive pain management regimen. Some patients will only have minimal discomfort and need to take only the Ibuprofen 800mg or just over-the-counter medication like Alieve and Tylenol.  Initial post-op discomfort is based on each patient’s pain tolerance, and the complexity of their case with degree of tooth impaction.  Be sure to closely follow the recommendations of the doctor and stick to a schedule when taking the medication for the most effective pain control.

Ice also plays a crucial role within the first 24 hours post surgical tooth extraction of wisdom teeth to minimize discomfort as well as reduce potential swelling.  With any surgical procedure, the less post-operative edema means less tenderness and discomfort.  The first 48 hours using an icepack will be of great benefit.  Our Chicago oral surgery practice will provide you with a re-usable gel ice pack along with several other items to help you through the recovery process.

It is common to experience varying levels of tenderness and/or swelling at the extraction site and a dull ache.  The jaw joint might feel stiff and muscles of the cheeks sore within the first 24 hours of having your wisdom teeth removed and persist for a few days.  During your consultation appointment, or at the end of the tooth extraction appointment, your oral surgeon may be able to predict the level of discomfort that you can expect and choose the particular medication for you that is most appropriate. This prediction is typically related to the difficulty of the extraction and the estimated healing time. Strictly following your oral surgeon’s post-operative instructions can help to reduce or alleviate your discomfort.

Our experienced team at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio in Chicago understands that each patient and each wisdom tooth removal procedure is unique. Experience and expertise on the part of the surgeon and staff can help to make your first 24 hours and the following days as pleasant as possible. Schedule your appointment today for a wisdom teeth consultation.