A primary goal in dentistry is to restore or save as many natural teeth as possible, whenever possible. When the prognosis for a damaged tooth is determined to be poor, the most reasonable solution may be tooth extraction. If your dentist feels that the chances for a successful restoration are exceptionally low, the next best alternative is typically tooth extraction/tooth removal followed by an appropriate replacement.

There are times when a natural tooth can cause more damage than benefit. A tooth that is infected, fractured to the jaw bone, or compromised by advanced bone loss can be unhealthy for the body. Chronic infection can have serious distant systemic ill-effects and can even be life-threatening and a painful or non-functional tooth can restrict your chewing ability. In these instances, choosing tooth extraction/tooth removal in Chicago by a dual-degree oral surgeon can be the best choice for your health.

Prior to extracting your natural tooth, this oral surgeon will ensure that you are well-informed as to the repercussions of tooth loss. There will be a new challenge in terms of chewing and eating comfortably. There is also the risk of localized bone loss in the area where the tooth has been removed. Without the guidance of the natural tooth, the loss of support to the neighboring teeth will become evident as shifting and crowding begin to occur.

In light of the chain of events that are known to occur following tooth extraction, choosing an appropriate tooth replacement such as a dental implant should be an immediate consideration. Our oral surgeon can help to determine if you are a possible candidate for dental implants. This dual-degree oral surgeon will evaluate the availability of bone support in the area of the proposed implant and recommend supplementary bone grafting if necessary. In some instances, an implant can even be placed immediately after the tooth has been extracted.

When your natural tooth cannot be restored, it can be encouraging to know that there are other, extremely effective alternatives. Contact ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio and speak with one of our dual degreed our oral surgeons about the solutions that are in the best interest of your overall health, and plan to proceed with your treatment as soon as you are able.

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