toothache ChicagoWith such easy access to advanced dental care, there is no longer a need to suffer with a toothache in Chicago. Although a toothache can stem from a number of sources, pain in the very back of the mouth can typically be caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. Having your wisdom teeth extracted by an experienced oral surgeon is the most effective way to relieve the discomfort and protect your health.

Not all wisdom teeth will need to be removed. Your oral surgeon will perform a clinical examination and should use an advanced 3D CT film to determine the health and prognosis for each of your teeth. If a tooth is determined to be impacted, meaning it is unable to grow into its proper position, extraction is often the best alternative.

One common scenario is a partial bony impacted tooth. In this instance, the tooth is partially surrounded by dense jaw bone. The tooth may have the proper orientation as the neighboring teeth, or it may be positioned at a severe angle.  The remainder of the tooth may be covered by a thin layer of gum tissue, or the tooth may have broken through the gums, partially visible in the mouth.

A tooth in this position can pose a risk to the neighboring teeth in a number of ways. If the partially impacted tooth is pressing against the adjacent tooth, it may be difficult to clean properly. Tooth decay and periodontal disease may develop, compromising the health of both the wisdom tooth as well as the neighboring tooth.

If the partially impacted tooth has broken through the gum tissue, bacteria and food particles may become trapped beneath the soft tissue. Bad breath, localized infection, and inflammation are the common result since it may be impossible to access and clean the area. Unless the immune system is able to contain the infection, pain and swelling often ensue, making the need for treatment much more urgent.

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