wisdom tooth pain ChicagoA patient may experience wisdom tooth pain at any time, and that can present a significant problem for pregnant women.

In many patients, wisdom tooth pain may be resolved by surgically removing impacted wisdom teeth but expectant mothers may not have that option depending on the stage of their pregnancy.

Pregnant women can receive most dental care safely during the second trimester, so you can ask the oral surgeon if your wisdom teeth can be removed at that time. However, many pregnant women may want to avoid any surgical interventions while they are expecting. Plus, if you’ve just gotten pregnant, you’re probably not going to want to wait post-partum for relief from your wisdom tooth pain.

When a pregnant woman is not a candidate for immediate wisdom tooth extraction, the oral surgeon may be able to recommend pain management strategies and antibiotics to help the patient cope with symptoms. However, those steps may have limited success. 

Ideally, women who are planning to become pregnant should have their wisdom teeth removed before they conceive.

Ideally, women who are planning to become pregnant should have their wisdom teeth removed before they conceive. That will reduce the likelihood that a surgical intervention will be needed during pregnancy. Women who still have their wisdom teeth should schedule an evaluation with an oral surgeon before becoming pregnant to learn why extraction is recommended in their cases.  Studies demonstrate that women have an increased risk of pre-term labor, preeclampsia and lower fetal birth weight with the presence of increased oral bacteria found around impacted wisdom teeth.

In general, there are a number of potential benefits to having impacted wisdom teeth removed before they become symptomatic. In doing so, patients will reduce their risk of infection and damage to surrounding teeth, in addition to eliminating a possible source of discomfort.

Nonetheless, wisdom tooth extraction is a surgical procedure associated with some risks, so patients should discuss those risks with their oral surgeon before moving forward with the procedure. It’s important for patients to be well-informed about possible outcomes of the intervention.

If you develop wisdom tooth pain while you are pregnant, schedule an evaluation with our skilled team at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio to learn about what steps you can safely take to alleviate the discomfort.