wisdom tooth removal chicagoThe time to have wisdom teeth removed is not a choice that most patients look forward to making. With so many exaggerated horror stories, myths, and uncertainties out there that are propagated online, it can be hard to know what to think about this procedure. Fortunately, having your wisdom tooth removed in Chicago doesn’t have to be stressful at all. Dr. Steven Koos, your dual-degree oral surgeon with vast experience extracting wisdom teeth, will make sure that you are well informed prior to the procedure, answering all of your questions, relieving your fears and truly dispelling the myths.


Do the wisdom teeth have to be removed? It can be tough to determine the fate of the wisdom teeth without a thorough examination. Generally, if the teeth are unable to erupt properly, they may be recommended for extraction. This may be due to the angle of the teeth (wisdom teeth that are angled sideways or backwards are less likely to grow in normally), or the size of the jaw (patients with small jawbones tend to lack the space necessary for a third set of molars).


Wisdom teeth that are unable to erupt properly may be partially or completely covered by gum tissue and bone. This condition, known as impaction, may put patients at risk for infections, cysts, and damage to the jaw bone. Even wisdom teeth that manage to grow into position may be recommended for extraction if they are difficult to keep healthy. Due to their position in the very rear of the mouth, wisdom teeth are frequently infected by tooth decay and periodontal disease. To prevent infection from affecting neighboring teeth, your oral surgeon may recommend the wisdom teeth for extraction.


How will it feel? Will there be pain? How will the sedation feel? There are many techniques used to make your procedure more comfortable for you. During the procedure, you can expect to be completely sleeping, and therefore, unable to feel any sharp sensations, pressure, noises, or pain. The beginning of the experience in the operating room starts with some laughing gas (nitrous oxide) and a tiny pinch for an I.V. for the administration of sedative medications. Within moments you will drift off into a peaceful quiet sleep only to awake a short time later with the entire procedure comfortably performed. After your treatment, the oral surgeon will provide complete post-operative instructions and supplies for uneventful healing.


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