The many benefits of sedation for tooth extraction make it a popular choice for both wisdom teeth extraction patients as well as the oral surgeon. The ability to have a surgical procedure completed in a calm and relaxing environment can make a serious situation much less stressful. However, when you choose to add sedatives to your procedure, you should be aware of how these medications will influence you.

Fortunately, the medications used to achieve a comfortable level of sedation are very safe and well-accepted, plus they can be modified to accommodate the needs of each dental patient. There are some short-term lingering effects from these medications, which is why it helps to be informed and prepared prior to your appointment.

If you choose sedation, you should expect to feel somewhat groggy or sleepy for several hours after you arrive home. You can plan in advance for this downtime by arranging to have a trusted adult to wait during your appointment and then drive you home and hang around with you.  This lingering drowsiness isn’t necessarily a disadvantage, since your body will need to be well-rested in order to heal in a timely manner. To make the most of this peaceful time, stock up on soft nutritious snacks, plenty of water, and lots of good books.

You should also expect to experience some discomfort during the recovery process. Sedatives can effectively raise your threshold for pain, but as the medications wear off, you should be prepared to switch over to supplemental pain relievers. You will be informed about the appropriate pain management techniques prior to your surgery. This may include over-the-counter pain relievers and prescription medications.

Some bleeding during the first day is common. Controlling the bleeding and allowing a blood clot to form in the socket are the first steps in the healing process. You may be provided with gauze packs and tips for promoting a healthy blood clot.  For your safety, to prevent choking, it’s best to avoid sleeping with gauze packs in your mouth. To prevent soiling your pillows with saliva and blood try elevating your head and draping your pillow with clean towels.

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