toothache ChicagoA toothache is always cause for concern for a patient. Not only is the situation uncomfortable, but it can also indicate an oral health problem. This is especially true when the pain is in the vicinity of the wisdom teeth.

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause pain as it continues to attempt to erupt through the gums. Patients who experience this phenomenon should consult with an oral surgeon to see if extraction is recommended.

The wisdom teeth are very large, which is why they’re the most likely teeth in the mouth to become impacted. Because of the bone surrounding an impacted wisdom tooth, extraction is likely to require a procedure in which the oral surgeon excises some of that bone in order to access the tooth and remove it.

Of course, pain isn’t the only potential complication that can be caused by impacted wisdom teeth. Such teeth are also at greater risk for developing cysts or tumors. Because it’s so difficult to keep the rearmost portion of the mouth adequately clean, impacted wisdom teeth also are more susceptible to infections and abscesses when bacteria collect in the area.

While signs of a problem – like wisdom tooth pain – certainly warrant professional attention, many patients will explore treatments at an earlier stage. To avoid those issues in the first place, those patients will explore wisdom tooth extraction before they even develop symptoms if there’s sufficient evidence that those teeth are indeed impacted.

Additionally, it’s advisable for patients to pursue wisdom tooth extraction earlier rather than later. The procedure is easier in patients who are in their late teens or mid-twenties. This is another compelling reason to look into extraction before you develop symptoms. A surgeon can examine a relatively young patient and determine whether the wisdom teeth are impacted and extraction may be recommended.

If you develop tooth pain at the rear of your mouth, schedule an evaluation at our office to determine whether an impacted wisdom tooth is at fault. Our expert practitioners can make recommendations for the treatment that is most appropriate for your case. For more information, contact  ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio at 312-328-9000.