Anesthesia for Tooth Extraction ChicagoWhen facing a wisdom tooth extraction, the last thing you want to worry about is an enduring negative memory of the procedure. Anesthesia or sedation can help patients avoid such a negative outcome.

Anesthesia and sedation wipe out any memory of a wisdom tooth extraction. When patients awake from a peaceful rest, they’ll have no recollection of the procedure.

For this reason, as well as to ensure comfort during the procedure, nearly all patients will choose some form of sedation or anesthesia beyond a local anesthetic for tooth extraction in Chicago.

Deciding between full general anesthesia or a conscious sedation is an important consideration in the process of planning your wisdom tooth extraction. Familiarize yourself with the options offered by your oral surgeon so that you can decide which one you prefer. 

Anesthesia and sedation wipe out any memory of a wisdom tooth extraction.

Most patients feel more comfortable with general anesthesia and our surgical assistants and anesthesia assistants are trained, certified, and experienced in the safe administration of this method, as well.

Sedatives are delivered intravenously, and the two basic levels are moderate and deep sedation.

Regardless of whether patients are under moderate sedation or full general anesthesia, they are closely monitored with advanced operating room equipment for signs of distress throughout the procedure.

Keep in mind that you will need to take steps to prepare for your sedation or anesthesia. You will need to fast from food and drink (even water) for a minimum of six hours prior to the procedure, for example.

Additionally, patients are in no condition to drive after a wisdom tooth extraction under sedation or anesthesia. Be sure to arrange for a responsible adult to escort you to the appointment and to make sure you get home safely.

Do you have questions or concerns about the experience of a wisdom tooth extraction? Talk to our experienced oral and maxillofacial surgeons, serving Cook County Chicago, in advance so you’ll know what to expect. Call 312-328-9000 for more information.